Vail Towing and Roadside Assistance Testimonials

We take pride in the I70 Corridor services we have been providing for decades. Not to brag ourselves though, below we list what the local leading newspaper had to share about West Vail Shell – AAA Towing. As letters to the editor, all of the following testimonials have been published in Vail Daily.

Brandon provided one of the best tow services I’ve had to date. He was very polite and professional especially as he was supposed to be off during the time I need a towing. Thanks again Brandon.
JT Sullivan, December 2017

The road side assistance was extremely helpful. If you get a guy named Brandon to help you out, you lucked out! He made what could’ve been a crappy day not so bad πŸ™‚ thanks for your help!

Jordan M., November 2017
The only reason why I didn’t have a complete mental breakdown after my accident was because these guys helped me through everything! After they towed it to the station from the accident site, the driver walked me through the next steps. The owner, Darin, was awesome and gave me a lot of advice the next day and took care of everything they could do. Nobody plans on being totally inconvenienced by these kinds of things and that even though my day was absolutely ruined; they did everything possible to turn that around. Love these guys so much! Thank you πŸ™‚
Steff Young, June 2016
Our experience with West Vail Shell was outstanding. We unfortunately got our car stuck 5 miles up a Rocky Mountain Road in White River National Forrest following the wrong set of GPS coordinates. We called AAA and described to the best of our ability the situation we were in, but unfortunately, sent us a full sized tow truck from West Vail that was not equipped to handle the situation. The driver of the tow truck still drove us to the nearest town from the base of the mountain free of charge.

The next morning, after calling every towing company in the area, we got in touch with West Vail again. They were one of the only companies that would take the job, and they did it for hundreds of dollars less than what we were quoted by the few companies who would go off road. They were at our location not a minute later than they said they were going to be and they towed us right off the mountain with ease.

With outstanding customer service at a cheaper price than their competitors, West Vail Shell is the only company you should call if you find yourself in a bind in the area.

CJ Shald, October 2015
It is difficult enough to have just totaled your car let alone deal with the aftermath of things you need to do afterwards. If these people would not have helped me I am sure I would still just be sitting, and crying, at that station wondering, β€˜What am I going to do?’ I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me…
Joyce R. Bruns, Feb 28, 2014
I wanted to send the biggest thank you to Andrew, the man that called the police for me and waited after I flipped my car on the frontage road. You are a great person! Also, all the emergency vehicles that responded β€” y’all were there so fast and so nice while I was panicked! Paul and the guys at West Vail Shell, too β€” you guys are so helpful and wonderful! And Simeon, thank you, thank you!! I am so grateful for the wonderful people in this town that help you when you need it! Good karma and big hugs to you all!
Kirstie Goldschmeding, March 24, 2014
I was involved in a car accident on South frontage Road, my car very damaged, myself basically in shock. West Vail Shell was called to tow and store my car overnight. From the guys at the scene to the guys at the station, their only concern was for my well-being. Thanks, Rick and Darin, for making your business about community and the people that live in it. Do yourself a favor β€” stop by West Vail Shell and see what I mean. Thanks again.
Jim Cooper, Jan 2, 2014